Maggi Rice Mania Noodles (Chilly Chow) 83 grams

Maggi Rice Mania Noodles (Chilly Chow) 83 grams
Item# 13029

Product Description

Description : - Rice Noodles flavored with Chilly powder. Power of Protein and Goodness of Rice. Maggi Noodles has dietary fiber which helps improve digestive comfort and satisfies hunger. Suitable for vegetarians.

Ingredients : -

NOODLES: Rice flour, Edible Vegetable oil, Edible Starch, Salt, Wheat Gluten, Mineral and guar gum.

CHILLI CHOW TASTE MAKER WITH GARNISHING: Sugar, Salt, Garlic powder, onion powder, tomato powder, rice flour, edible vegetable oil, red chilli, garlic flakes, Minerals, acidity regulator, Flavour enhancer, Onion Flakes, soy sauce powder, star anise, paprika, nutmeg powder, wheat gluten, edible starch, bell pepper green and guar gum.

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