KFI Mint Chutney Sauce 18 oz

KFI Mint Chutney Sauce 18 oz
Item# kfi-mint-chutney-sauce-18-18

Product Description

Description : - Mint chutney is made with cilantro, mint, chilies, and wonderful spices. "Pudina Chutney" as it is called in India, is a green chutney that is very cooling in the summer and usually eaten with samosas and other fried snacks.

Ingredients : - water, tomato paste, sugar, tamarind, date puree, jalapeno pepper puree, lime juice concerntrate, modified corn starch, salt, mint, spices, dehydtated minced green onion, garlic puree, dehydrated garlic, colour added, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate and blue 1.

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